Thursday, 1 December 2011

Detailing Part 2: Polishing, Waxing and Drying

** after claying, the next step in the detailing process is polishing, what polishing does is it evens out the paint surface to remove scratches and to give a car a bigger shine

** polishing can be done by either machine or hand, it is recommended by many that cars be polished in the shade or under cover

** I prefer to polish under direct sunlight, I use the heat from the sunlight to assist in the polishing process rather than generating heat manually and tiring myself through physical exertion

Detailing Part 1: Removing Dirt, Grime and Fall-Out on Paint

** wash cars on cool or overcast days, if not possible, wash vehicle under cover or shade

** start from the upper half of the car starting with the roof and work your way down, once the top half is done, do the bottom half of the vehicle, make sure detergent is clean and that sponge or wash mit is cleaned of debris or grit which can damage clear coat and paint

** after washing painted surfaces and hosing off detergent, DO NOT dry car as the water will help the following detailing steps