About Car Dealers

Working as a courier for a car dealer confirmed all the rumours I have heard about the motor industry and car dealers in general.

I saw poor customer service, ridiculous prices, customer cars that would occasionally be damaged by technicians or treated with disrespect, and staff who were overworked and underpaid.

Most dealers will charge a flat labour rate of $100-150 an hour to work on your car, which does not include the cost of parts or GST (goods and services tax).

As you can imagine, the costs can spiral past a couple hundred bucks just for a simple check and service. The work is often carried out by a teenaged apprentice or non citizen with little experience who is paid $11-14 an hour.

Let me ask you, how would you feel knowing that your car which you likely paid many thousands of dollars for, is now being serviced by an inexperienced apprentice who is paid a lowly wage whilst you are paying top dollar for getting your car serviced?

I wouldn't let anyone inexperienced service my car let alone pay big dollars for it!!

In comparison, it costs me $20 each time to service my car, which adds up to $80 a year as I service my car quarterly. I know how the job is done and I know the job is done right, first time, every time. I have literally saved thousands of dollars and I will share my time and money saving tips with you.

Technicians and service advisors are on a commission plan, the more they sell you on what "needs" to be done on your car (upsells), the bigger the commission they make. The managers make commission based on how many cars are serviced and how many upsells are done on each car. Every single service minute and hour is accounted for and billed accordingly.

Say you come in to get a basic checkup (grease and oil) only to leave with a huge bill and extra stuff done on your car. How would you know for sure that the work needed to be done?

Truth is you don't unless you are actually looking at your car and seeing with your own eyes what needs to be changed. I have seen cars billed without the work being carried out, cars filled with less oil than itemised on invoice, cars billed for an hours labour when in fact it only took a few minutes to complete.

You name it, then I have more than likely seen it happen.