Privacy Policy

I understand and respect that your privacy is of utmost importance. 

I don't want any online information about me to be used inappropriately and I'm sure you don't want information about you to be used inappropriately either.

This site, like many others, is sponsored by advertising from Google, which means third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information about you to provide goods and services you may find useful.

Since my site is about cars, the ads provided are relevant to cars (I hope you're not seeing ads about....let's not go there!!) and to your location, where ever in the world you may come from (Australia, USA, Europe,  Africa?? Cars in the Congo, maybe not)

Cookies can be removed by changing your web browser settings or by changing settings in your internet security software. Doing so may affect your viewing of and interaction with some websites, yes, including mine.

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