Thursday, 1 December 2011

Detailing Part 1: Removing Dirt, Grime and Fall-Out on Paint

** wash cars on cool or overcast days, if not possible, wash vehicle under cover or shade

** start from the upper half of the car starting with the roof and work your way down, once the top half is done, do the bottom half of the vehicle, make sure detergent is clean and that sponge or wash mit is cleaned of debris or grit which can damage clear coat and paint

** after washing painted surfaces and hosing off detergent, DO NOT dry car as the water will help the following detailing steps

**  go over entire car with detailing clay, which looks and feels like Play-Doh, it removes any contaminants which can't be removed by detergent and water

**apply clay with water to slide across painted surface, there should be enough water to glide the clay across the panel, no need to push hard against the surface, use a back and forth motion, the clay should glide across the surface like how an ice hockey puck glides across ice, with little to no pressure

** DO NOT rush, I take it easy and clay one panel at a time, make sure you have plenty of water available so the clay doesn't stick to the surface, if the clay gets dirty, remove any large pieces of grit and then remould it using your fingers, I usually mould it into a new rectangle or mini pizza shape

** I also clay front /rear windscreens, windows, side mirrors, head-lights, and tail-lights

** if you run your hand over a clayed surfacel with the back of your hand, compared to one that isn't, you will notice that it feels like glass, if the surface feels rough, it means that there are still contaminants that need to be removed

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