Thursday, 1 December 2011

Detailing Part 2: Polishing, Waxing and Drying

** after claying, the next step in the detailing process is polishing, what polishing does is it evens out the paint surface to remove scratches and to give a car a bigger shine

** polishing can be done by either machine or hand, it is recommended by many that cars be polished in the shade or under cover

** I prefer to polish under direct sunlight, I use the heat from the sunlight to assist in the polishing process rather than generating heat manually and tiring myself through physical exertion

** like claying, polish in small sections, panel by panel, be patient

** I apply a dab of polish on my index finer and then spread it out on the painted surface in a circular motion, I repeat this step until the panel I am working on is covered in polish

** next I use a clean lint free cotton rag to remove the polish, like claying, no need to press hard against the surface with the rag, let the heat from the sunlight and polish do the work, remove polish in a circular motion

** most if not all light scratches will disappear unless you have a deep scratch which may require more polishing if you are lucky, worst case repainting

** after polishing, it's time to apply the wax which will protect all the effort you have made in prepping the painted surface, applying and removing the wax is the same as applying and removing the polish

** now whenever your car gets dirty, cleaning it will be a breeze since the wax acts like a barrier in preventing contaminants from damaging your paintwork and prevents paint from drying, cracking and peeling under sunlight


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