Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Easy Driver

Does driving get any easier?


Down here in Melbourne, I have noticed over the past 10 years that the standard of driving seems to be getting worse despite advances in vehicle design, road infrastructure, education and policing.

As a courier, I would often see accidents and events on the road which would make most people shake their head in disbelief and think WTF? Did that just happen?

And it always seems to be the same people responsible. Why is that?

Taxi cabs. Mums with kids. Retirees. Teenagers. Non-English speaking residents.

I don't mean to stereotype but if accidents happens to a certain demographic on more than one occasion, you really have to wonder, maybe there is some truth to the stereotypes and that political correctness prevents most people from voicing their opinion?

What I see on the road when I am driving never ceases to amaze me.

Driver's not switching on their lights after dark.

Driving too slow or driving too fast, not keeping left.

Driving in formation; 2 or more cars driving at the same speed in the same direction side by side when there is no traffic ahead.


Reversing a car against the flow of traffic onto oncoming traffic.

I mean really, where does it end?

I am not saying that I am an angel when it comes to driving and have never made mistakes, however, I do know the difference between a mistake and blatant disregard for the law.

Will driving standards improve? I can only hope since there is no current incentive for people to drive sensibly or to become better drivers. Maybe lower registration costs, insurance premiums and perhaps free or discount giveaways will get more people to improve.

I see a model like this being introduced sometime in future (punishing people doesn't work) the question is, who is going to be the 1st entrepreneur to come up with an idea to make being a good driver beneficial? 

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