Saturday, 26 November 2011

Oil Changes

Basic tips I follow when doing my own oil changes -

** Make sure the hand or foot brake is on. If car is auto, put selector in park, for manual leave in 1st gear

** Place brick behind either rear wheel

** Change oil when the engine is warm, wear disposable gloves so you don't get burned or get your hands covered in used oil, keep rags or paper towels close by in case of mess

** Remove the oil cap and dipstick when draining oil to drain oil trapped by engine vacuum

** Drain oil in the evening, leave the car to drain overnight to remove as much oil as possible, put back sump plug and new oil filter in the morning

**Do not over-tighten sump plug, tighten by hand till plug contacts sump then use a wrench to tighten so that plug is firm 

** Lube rubber seal and thread on oil filter with fresh oil, depending on how filter is mounted to engine partially,  fill oil filter with fresh oil and refit if possible  

** After everything is put back together, check for leaks, go for a short drive, after drive check for leaks again

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