Monday, 10 October 2011

Which car to buy?

Having worked in the auto industry, the question I am often asked is, which car is the one to buy?

My response always leads to the following questions. What do you need the car for? What features are you after? How much do you want to spend?

This is understandable due to the many brands and vehicles on offer which can often be overwhelming and confusing.

What I do when shopping for a car is to break my requirements into basic lists.

Firstly, let's begin with function.

How many passengers do I intend to carry, how much space for passengers and luggage, how
many doors, car size, towing capacity. Choosing a car which suits your needs will save you time and money.

Cars are not cheap. Most cost many thousands to buy, let alone to service and maintain. It is the second biggest purchase in our lives after our homes, so ensure that when you do purchase a car, it is a purchase that you are 100% happy with.

I have met many people who have bought cars who later regret their purchase due to the enormous costs and time wasted associated with their poor choice (pun intended).

Don't let that person be you!!

I wish I had the same advice available when I was buying my first car way back in 1993 not long after getting my driver's license. That car wasted a lot of my time, money and gave me headaches.

Once I have decided on the intended use of the car, I will select must have features on a car. For most people this is safety (airbags and ABS), air conditioning, power steering, a radio, power windows, remote central locking, and automatic transmission.

I believe as cars evolve and due to traffic congestion, most cars sold will be automatics, with manuals reserved for driving enthusiasts. If you don't like to drive in heavy traffic conditions, I highly recommend going with an automatic.

Next list I look at is power, economy, service and repair costs.

I mention all this because I have owned my car for almost 12 years. I don't intend to buy another car anytime now nor in future because the car I bought suits my needs, has saved me many thousands of dollars in purchase and maintenance costs and will continue to provide reliable transport for many years to come.

May your car buying experience also be a happy one, as it should.

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